Sunday, May 12, 2013

Torah Lishmah 1. Shelah: A means to proper practice of Torah laws. 2. Nefesh HaChayim :To know and to understand H’. 3. Ruach Chiam:…to comprehend the secrets and mysteries of H’s marvelous deeds and Hi Glory and to fulfill the will of H’. 4. Rabbi Hertz: The one true motive is the love of G’. 5. Rabbi Shalom of Baranovich: The meaning of this mitzvah (lishmah) is to cleave (devekut) to H’ who as if says “ I have written myself into it” learning Torah is knowing H’ 6. Rabbi S.R.Hirsch: To discern from it the will of H’ and to do G’s will by fulfilling it oneself and teaching it to others. 7. Rabbi Reuven Bulka: An individual who is occupied with Torah for its own sake who sees Torah as a vehicle towards actualization of human purpose justifies the act of creation. 8. Tanya: …to attach one’s soul to G’ through the understanding of Torah. 9. Rambam: Introduction to Chelek – The only purpose in studying this wisdom should be its knowledge in itself. In the same way the search or truth should be for the purpose of knowing the truth, and Torah is The Truth. The purpose of knowing the truth is to realize it in practice. 10. Sfas Emes: "Torah lishma"is exactly what its shem (name) indicates. The word "Torah" means instruction. Hence, "Torah lishma" means learning in order